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Where does this project come from?

Recently I have been asked to build a manageable website for someone who barely knows how to check her e-mail. And since I’d like to build Django Ember Admin , I thought this would be the best way to learn and tinker with Ember.js

Djember-CMS is a simple CMS based on Django and EmberJs.

The aim of V1 is to produce a website with a 2 different photo galleries, a contact page and a homepage with some text and a carousel showing some pictures from the galleries (because that’s what I actually need right now). All this so that once setup, the final owner doesn’t have to go to any admin and can update everything from the front-end.

Some of the ember.js files are intended to be built dynamically from Django (I’d like to be able to define models only in one place), so this project doesn’t use any code generation feature from Ember CLI.

Once this goal is achieved, the project can easily evolve to include i.e. a blog or pages built from templated blocks.

To contribute, please follow the instructions listed here

Once V1 is released, we will also accept feature requests, if they are small, we will gladly do it as soon as we can. For larger features we may ask you to fund the feature (by using crowdfunding or any other mean)

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